February 8, 2023

Anthony Albanese gushes about Jodie Haydon’s transformation from a ‘coastie’ to the country’s first lady: ‘Dignity and honor’

  • The prime minister used the last session of parliament to praise his partner
  • Mr Albanese said Jodie Haydon represented Australia with ‘dignity and honour’
  • He also used his time to pay tribute to his son Nathan, calling him his “best friend”



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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese sang the praises of his ‘coastie’ girlfriend, Jodie Haydon, for her handling of her new role on the world stage during the last session of parliament of the year.

Mr Albanese began his farewell speech for 2022 by reflecting on the events of the past year before culminating in a burst of adoration for his partner, who he says has represented Australia with ‘dignity and honour’.

“I pay tribute to her and I thank her for sharing this journey with me,” he said.

His words elicited an enthusiastic ‘hear, hear’ from members of the PvdA.

The Prime Minister recalled how Ms Haydon was thrust into the spotlight after he became the country’s leader in May.

He said Ms Haydon had since been involved in activities that ‘a ‘coastie’ would not have expected’, a reference to his girlfriend who hails from the Central Coast of New South Wales,

One of these activities, he said, was being photographed with Brigitte Macron, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, when she accompanied Mr Albanese on a trip to Europe in July.

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It is believed that the beloved couple met at an event in Melbourne in 2020 where they developed a shared passion for the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Mr Albanese also used his time in parliament to thank his son Nathan, whom he called his ‘best friend’, for ‘standing by my side every day’.

The Prime Minister and his partner Jodie Haydon have been seeing each other since 2020

Jodie Haydon (left) has been in the spotlight this year, including meeting Brigitte Macron, the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, in July

Mr Albanese divorced his wife, Carmel Tebbutt, in 2019 after she reportedly left him suddenly after 20 years of marriage.

Ms Haydon, who has no official title, has been seen on many occasions with the Prime Minister and stood beside him as he delivered his victory speech following the federal election in May.

Mr Albanese’s speech took place on the last day of parliament, which is expected to resume in February 2023, giving MPs a generous break over the Christmas period.

Ms Haydon (left), who has no official title, has been spotted with the Prime Minister at many social occasions