January 28, 2023

Pets are like family. They’re there for you through thick and thin, always ready to provide unconditional love and support. The same can be said about CBD for dogs. If you’ve ever experienced the benefits of CBD capsules, you’ll likely want to share them with your furry friend! But before you go out and buy a bottle of capsules just for the sake of giving them to your dog.

Here Are Some Things That Should Be On Your Mind Before Giving Your Dog CBD Capsules

Remember a few things when deciding on the correct dosage for your dog. First, it’s essential to consider their weight and condition.

Secondly, you should consider the strength of each capsule and ensure you’re giving them enough CBD daily so they can benefit from it without overloading their body with too much at once.

Thirdly, if you give your dog multiple capsules per day (which we generally recommend), then make sure those capsules get spread out evenly throughout the day so that there isn’t too much exposure within one sitting, or else it could cause some side effects. 

Finally, remember how long you plan on using this treatment before switching back to traditional medication if needed.

If you want to give CBD capsules to your dog, you should consider the concentration. In other words, how much CBD is in each capsule? Different formulations of this supplement are available in various concentrations (ranging from 5 mg per capsule up to 100+ mg per capsule). 

The higher the concentration, the more effective it will be—and likewise with side effects. If your dog has a severe condition requiring higher doses of CBD for treatment purposes, this may be worth looking into.

Water is vital for the hydration of your dog. Without it, your dog can suffer from many different ailments. Water helps to process the CBD, which means you will get more out of the oil if you use water before and after it. In addition to this, water helps your body absorb nutrients better.

Water is also vital when dealing with a detoxing period (which most people experience when first starting). This is because toxins are being flushed out of your system via sweat and other bodily fluids; drinking plenty of water will help keep these at bay.

While mindful of the CBD dosage and how much you give your dog, it’s important to remember what they’re eating. Depending on their size and breed, dogs metabolize certain foods more effectively than others. For example, a large breed needs—just as humans do! Therefore, it’s recommended that you feed your dog high-protein food with low-fat content. 

While some people may feel comfortable giving their pet table scraps from time to time, this isn’t always the best option for dogs. In terms of fiber content: Dogs have shorter intestinal tracts than humans but still need enough fiber daily to keep their digestion running smoothly, so be sure not to overdo it when giving them treats! Meanwhile, sugar consumption should be monitored closely.

The flavor is essential when getting your dog to take CBD capsules. While you can use the same flavor for all of them, you may want to try a few different flavors to find something that works. Avoid things like chocolate or food with sugar in it, as these could cause problems for your dog. Additionally, avoid peanut butter—it’s high in fat and can be a choking hazard if not appropriately mixed.

As you’re probably aware, CBD capsules are made from natural ingredients. Unlike other methods of ingestion, CBD capsules are not processed using solvents and cutting agents, which means they’re non-toxic and safe for dogs and humans.

CBD capsules contain hemp oil or CBD isolate. The active ingredient in CBD is cannabidiol, an organic compound found inside the

cannabis plant with high levels of therapeutic benefits without any psychoactive effects. The main difference between these two types of products is their quantity: hemp oil contains less than 0.3% THC, the primary compound in cannabis, by weight.

When you open the capsule, store it in a refrigerator. This will slow down degradation and increase the shelf life of your CBD oil. Do not leave capsules or liquid out at room temperature for long periods, even if stored in a cool place like a basement or attic.

The best place to store your capsules after opening is in their original packaging inside your refrigerator door, where they are easily accessible while keeping them safe from light exposure and other contaminants that could affect their quality over time.

Are These Capsules Legal For Dogs?

CBD capsules are legal in the United States, Canada, and Australia. They’re also legal in the UK, EU, Mexico, and other countries, with laws concerning hemp products. CBD is a natural compound found in cannabis plants (including industrial hemp), so it’s considered legal to use and possess in most countries worldwide, including Australia. 

There are some exceptions, though – for example, South Korea has banned CBD due to its psychoactive effects and perceived negative impact on youth development (despite not being addictive).

How To Give Your Dog These Capsules For Optimal Results?

If you give your dog CBD capsules for the first time, it may be difficult to swallow them. You can try giving it with food or hide it in a small piece of cheese. If your dog does not want to take the capsule, you can try breaking it open and sprinkling the contents on its food. This works well.

Once you have given your pet their dose of CBD, make sure they finish eating before leaving them alone, as they may get into trouble while digesting the medication.

Summing It Up

We hope that with this guide, you’ve gained all the information and tips necessary to give your dog CBD capsules. Just remember that it takes time and patience for dogs to adjust to new things, so don’t be discouraged if your pet doesn’t take the capsules immediately.

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